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Activities in Sharm el Sheikh

Because despite maybe wanting to, you can't spend all your time underwater!

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Maybe you’ve got that necessary dry time before flying home or you’re taking a little break in between diving days to spend some time on land, whatever the reason there’s a lot going on in Sharm to keep you occupied. Take a peek at some of our top picks and feel free to contact us for more info.

1.    El Sahaba Mosque Old Market – If it’s been a while since you were last in Sharm, or you’re a first-time visitor, we think you’ll be really impressed by the recently completed El Sahaba Mosque. Standing tall in the centre of Old Market, the architecture of the building is truly stunning combined with the setting sun shining off the gold paint work, you’re in for a photo treat! Top tip: It is possible to visit inside of the mosque and if you arrive in shorts, bare shoulders you’ll be provided with scarfs to cover yourself. Visiting during prayer times is not permitted however.

2.    Genena City – Specifically Tseppes! If you are a fan of all thing sweets then you should plan at some point to make a stop off here for one of their delicious and freshly baked cakes or quite possibly the best ice cream I’ve tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot!). Located at the back entrance of Genena Mall, you’ll find an inside and large outside sitting area with comfortable swinging chairs and plasma TV often displaying sports games. Top tip: Thursday and Friday nights tend to be the busiest here as this is the weekend in Egypt so you may find it a little noisier and more difficult to get a seat. You can also get a carry out if you’d prefer to walk around the shops, watch the live entertainment or just generally explore the new shopping area.

quad biking


3.    Quad biking – Ok, we’ll be honest with you on this one, if you’re going to do quad biking in the desert we’d recommend you do it as a private tour. Why? Because you are limited in how fast you go by the slowest driver in your group, and that can mean you go slow although it will allow you a better look at the passing desert scenery which is impressive. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve done this trip but still enjoy it every time (even though I’m lazy and don’t actually drive the quad) and surprisingly don’t think I’ve taken the same route twice. Going around late afternoon is my recommended time as you will be making your way back during the sun set which means a really pretty colourful sky. Normally you do stop-off half way through for some Bedouin tea and the chance to buy some trinkets so bring a little spare change with you if you can. Top tip: Wear dirty clothes, closed toe shoes if you can, bring a light scarf which will be wrapped around your head and face, and if possible, old sunglasses as you will get covered in sand, especially if you’re at the back of the group!


Farsha cafe and bar, the best place to relax post dive

4.    Farsha – Part of me doesn’t want to draw too much attention to this place in case it becomes over crowded but on the other hand it’s such a magical little gem that I want to share it with as many people as possible so they can experience it as well. Located in the residential area of Hadaba, you wouldn’t really know Farsha was there unless you went to the public beach (there is an entrance fee) during the day as it’s built in to the cliff face and barely visible from the road. Made up of lots of little comfortable low seating areas, dimly lit by sparkling fairy lights and Farsha branded Arabian styled lanterns, this café bar is THE place to watch the sunset over a Sakara beer or freshly squeezed mango juice. Prices are very reasonable and snacks and pizza is also available (pizza ordered in so can take time). We are sure once you’ve been here once, you’ll want to spend every evening of your holiday here, and we might just invite ourselves to join you! Top tip: DO NOT get very drunk, there are quite a few stairs you need to navigate back up on the way out and being intoxicated is going to make this pretty difficult, funny for others to watch however! Same also applies re the weekend, Thursday and Fridays can be busier so go earlier on to guarantee a space.

Chilling out with a bite to eat in Ras Mohamed National Park

5.    Ras Mohamed by bus – If you’ve been on the boat before then you’ll most likely have visited Ras Mohamed National Park however taking this trip by bus is a completely different experience and one that shouldn’t be missed. The trip can be organised for a half day and see’s you taking the dive centre bus out and through the National park stopping off at sights such as the mangroves, salt lake and shark observatory where you can climb up to have a look out over the Red Sea using the telescope. You also have the chance to snorkel at a couple of easy to access sandy beaches where you can expect crystal clear waters and the normal abundant marine life covered pinnacles. You’ll then be back at your hotel in time for lunch and an afternoon snooze, perfect! Top tip: This trip really is one for all the family to enjoy and you can even turn it in to an overnight camping trip during the summer months, now that is one not to be missed!!

This is just a small selection of some of the ideas and things we do ourselves during days off. If you’d like some advice or more information about what you can do during your holiday in Sharm el Sheikh feel free to ask and if we can help we will!

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