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Flights to Sharm el Sheikh

It's easier than you think to get back to Sharm.

Flights to Sharm el Sheikh

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries"  Aldos Huxley

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you’ll know that we’ve been out diving every day for the past while now which has led to messages from guests asking how they too can get out and join in the fun. It’s probably one of the most common questions you hear on the boat nowadays! Answering just that question, Eve from Newcastle booked a 3-week stay over July and took 3 flights (Newcastle-Amsterdamn-Cairo-Sharm) to get here, did she think it was worth it? Here’s what she said;

“I’ve been coming to Sharm for the past 18 years, normally 3 times a year and so was having withdrawal symptoms of not having being out yet in 2016.” When asked if the 3 flights had been worth it Eve explained “I stayed the whole 3 weeks and made John (her husband) jealous of all the stories of hammerheads, eagle rays and turtles. The most wonderful thing about it is, the diving is the way it used to be when I first started coming out”.

Another example would be Marina from Siberia. Similar to Eve, Marina and her daughter have been coming to Sharm every year for more years than she can remember and so didn’t think twice about coming back this summer, even though it meant taking 4 flights to get here! She had celebrated her birthday with us for the past 4 years and didn’t want to change that, so cake on the boat inbetween dives it was!

Marinas birthday on a boat

And we couldn’t not mention the recent return of our Instructor Hannah after a short stint back working in her old job in Scotland. Many of you will know Hannah isn’t the biggest fan of flying, Carrie and Ash can testify to that, but she completed the trip in a total of just over 7 hours flying time. Here’s what Hannah had to say;

“The urge to get back to Egypt way outweighed my preference for not being however-many-thousand feet in the air so when my contract job ended I left just enough time to pack and say goodbye to loved ones before catching the next (3 flights) to Sharm. If I had to choose an airline it’d be Turkish airlines, with decent prices which include up to 40kg of luggage, inflight meals and your own TV to watch whatever you like, it’s a pretty easy deal, so I flew with them from Edinburgh to Istanbul, waited 1.5 hours in Istanbul then flew to Cairo. In Cairo I purchased the visa, cleared customs, picked up my luggage (which included a little Anne CPR manikin – yeah, que a few strange stares) checked in with EgyptAir then made my way to the gate. I only had to wait around 1 hour before we boarded and I was on the final stretch to Sharm. I left Edinburgh at 4pm on the 12th and landed in Sharm as the sun was rising 5.30am local time (4.30am GMT) on the 13th. I’d travelled through the night so hadn’t missed anything by taking 3 flights and although I wasn’t feeling my most energetic (I put that down to the sleeping tablets) I did manage to grab a few hours’ sleep before heading straight to the dive centre to dive right in (sorry, had to!) …..I still get asked by friends and family at home whether it’s safe to be in Sharm right now and my answer is always ‘yes’. Even if the diving wasn’t some of the best in the world, I’m never going to live somewhere I don’t feel safe in, plus the sun shines every day and people are happy, what more could I want.”


So with the opening of direct flights into Sharm el Sheikh still unclear, we’ve pieced together a few ideas for inspiration on how you can escape the winter blues and spend some much deserved time in the sun and Red Sea……..you’ll soon remember why the travelling is totally worth it!

Flight Routes

  • Pegasus - UK/Sharm via Istanbul (2 flights)
  • British Airways - UK to Cairo / EgyptAir to Sharm (2 flights)
  • EgyptAir - UK/Sharm via Cairo (2 flights)
  • EasyJet - UK to Hurghada / EgyptAir to Sharm (2 flights) OR UK to Italy / Meridiana Fly Italy to Sharm (2 flights)
  • Turkish Airlines - UK/ Cairo via istabul + EgyptAir Cairo to Sharm (3 flights)
  • Egypt Air has over 7 flights daily to Sharm from Cairo
Other flight paths include via Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris.

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