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Why you should dive…..in the Red Sea!

“Because James Bond does it!” - Chris Swanick

Why you should dive…..in the Red Sea!

Love scuba diving in Sharm El-sheikh with Eagle Divers

If you asked a group of 10 divers why they dive you’re sure to get 10 different answers. In fact, that’s exactly what happened when Rory our DM from last year returned recently as part of a uni approved ‘fact-finding’ trip and asked some of our guests precisely that question. Responses ranged from ‘it’s the best fun’, ‘it helps me to relax’, ‘I want to see a shark’ and the hilariously unexpected ‘I dive because James Bond does it!’ (My personal favourite – thanks Chris!).

So if you’ve read this far hopefully I’ve given you just a little inspiration to not only get in to or back in to diving, but also to start planning a visit to one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations.

So it’s fair to say that every diver has their own, unique reason for diving, some which can be put in to words and some which cannot, it’s just a feeling they get when underwater. But what about if we were to ask the same 10 divers why they dive in the Red Sea? Would their answers still be so different and far apart?.........read on to find out.

Coarl reef sharm el sheikh eagle divers

‘I absolutely love the colours and the variety of the underwater environment’ (Rikke, Denmark) - It’s not hard to agree with anyone who mentions the variety and diversity you can find in the Red Sea, and that’s not just popular opinion, it’s also a proven scientific fact. There are over 250 species of soft and hard coral found in the Red Sea, 8% of which are only found here and an eye-popping 1,248+ different fish species. From the feisty clownfish, thousands of anthias fish, blue spotted stingrays and turtles to the elegant eagle rays, majestic manta and reef shark..…it’s no wonder you can dive at the same site 100’s of times and still see something new!

And it’s not just the massive variety of creatures to see in the Red Sea that attracts divers, it’s the variety of dive sites as well. You can start your dive with a gentle sandy slope before descending along steep reef wall where the bottom lies at over 750m. You can explore caves, marvelling at the glittering light shining down through the cracks in the roof; ride the currents through narrow reef passages; or explore and indulge in some of the world’s best wreck diving. There really is something for everyone in the Red Sea, regardless of certification or experience levels.

Coarl reef sharm el sheikh eagle divers

Everyone I asked about diving in the Red Sea mention weather and water conditions and it’s not hard to see why. “Why would I dive anywhere else when guaranteed a fantastic time below the water” (Carrie, Devon), “the weather is brilliant” (Catherine, Kent), “the visibility is amazing” (Peter, Edinburgh) …yeah, it’s all true. Okay so we get the odd day a year where the wind is pretty bad and there has been, I think 2 days of rain this year but on a whole the sun shines most days and we couldn’t ask for better water conditions.

I’ve talked about it before, when you have a diver used to UK diving or somewhere similar, and you dive with them for the first time in the Red Sea and they squeal with delight when they realise you can easily see the seabed 20+ metres beneath them. That’s why it’s also perfect for snorkelers, you don’t need to go deep to see lots……and its warm, especially in the summer. With water temperatures reaching 22/23 degrees C at its coldest in the winter months and up to 29 degrees C in the summer months you’d be hard pushed to find a more comfortable diving environment than in the Red Sea.

Lastly, the availability of travelling to Sharm was another top answer for why people dive in the Red Sea. With airlines such as EasyJet operating a daily service to Sharm from Gatwick, and British Airways recent announcement they too will start flights 3 times a week, it’s never been easier to find a flight that suits your schedule. Not to mention, if you’re flexible with dates and do regular checks, you can get some seriously cheap deals on return flights….and in the words of Jo ‘best of all it is only 5 hours from the UK!’

And like Rory says 'Why would I go anywhere else, the Vis the Temp the diversity, diving in the Red Sea is the best fun in the world!’

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