• Red Sea Dive Sites

    Red Sea Dive Sites

discover where you could be diving!

There are over 30 dive sites in the immediate area of Sharm el Sheikh, offering lots of variety in terms of topography and specific interests but there is one thing for sure that you can see anything at any time and that’s the beauty of the Red Sea!

Most of the scuba diving in Sharm el Sheikh is conducted from our purpose built dive boat, Eagle One, however there are a couple of shore diving sites which we like to take you to on the first day so you have appropriate conditions for weight and equipment checks and as an orientation to the Red Sea itself. The following days will be spent boat diving with the destination changing each day between the Straits of Tiran, Ras Mohamed national park and local coastal sites, with the exact location confirmed the day before and actual dive sites on the morning itself depending on sea conditions. We try wherever possible to match specific requests for dive sites however we do also try to take you to dive sites which are less busy and offer conditions suitable to the diver level so that you get the most time under water possible and the most out of your dives in general. Although we’ll never guarantee you shark, ray or turtle sightings (it’s a big sea out there!) we can guarantee you some beautiful and colourful dives with stunning marine life every angle you look.

  • Ras Mohamed National Park

    Ras Mohamed National Park

    The National Park of Ras Mohamed was the first of its kind in Egypt, established in 1983 and covers the Southern and Northern coast of Sharm el Sheikh. The Park divides the Gulf of Aqaba from the Gulf of Suez with Shark and Yolanda Reef, one of the Top 10 dives worldwide, marking this divide. Ras Mohamed contains stunningly beautiful dive sites offering steep walls, sandy slopes and some of the richest soft and hard coral gardens in the word inhabited with an abundance of marine life.
  • Local Coastal Sites

    Local Coastal Sites

    The generic name ‘Local sites’ (due to their closeness to Sharm) covers all of the shore line North and South of Naama Bay. To the North there are 9 dive sites on a 7.5 mile stretch of coast. To the South there are a further nine dive sites making 18 in total. Diving here can be enjoyed by divers of all levels as the majority of sites are sheltered from wind and the main currents.
  • Straits of Tiran

    Straits of Tiran

    Lying at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba between the coast of Sinai and the island of Tiran, there are four main coral reefs named after 19th century English cartographers, Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas and Gordon. The reefs divide the strait into two canals used by large cargo ships transporting cargo in and out of Sinai. The Northern and Western sides of the reef (the outside) are exposed to the elements, where winds can be strong and currents can run fast however the wind tends to drop down during the day making the crossing back to main land smoother than the morning journey. Due to the strong currents which characterize the Strait of Tiran, there are great quantities of nutrients and plankton brought to this area which in turn feeds the coral, reef fish and thus attracting other larger pelagic predators such as sharks, tuna, jackfish and barracuda. The sea conditions play a major part in dictating which reef can be dived at which time of the day and divers should pay particular attention to currents

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